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Marko Topchii Featured

On Tuesday 28 March 2018, cciMB 2016 winner Marko Topchii will perform his second Prize Winner Concert in Basel, Switzerland, organised by the Allgemeine Musikgesellschaft Basel as part of the Rising Stars concert series. Due to the ongoing reconstruction works of the Stadtcasino Basel, which usually hosts the series, the concert will take place in the Volkshaus Basel. Marko will play works by Modest Mussorgscky and Maurice Ravel followed by a quintet performed with string quartet Element. 

Volkshaus Unionsaal - 19:30
Rebgasse 12, 4058 Basel

Ticket office:
Steinenberg 14,
Tel. +41 (0)61 273 73 73
Click here for online tickets




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  • Association International Guitar Competition Maurizio Biasini
  • St. Jakobs-Strasse 34
  • CH-4052 Basel Switzerland
  • Email: biasinicompetition@gmail.com


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