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Emmaus International new partner cciMB 2018 Featured

The cciMB has started a collaboration with Emmaüs International, an international solidarity and outreach movement founded in Paris in 1949 to combat poverty and homelessness. We believe art, in particular music, is a powerful and effective means to connect people of different social and cultural backgrounds. As an outreach project, the cciMB 2018 will offer over 25/30 free seats to homeless people and/or refugees for each of the concerts on 27, 28 and 29 April at the CRR de Paris. Furthermore, on Thursday 3 May, the cciMB 2018 organising team, as well as interested semifinalists and guitar students from certain conservatories in Paris will visit the Espace Culturel Louvel-Tessier, where a concert will be given the evening.

Small gestures (...) are never a waste of time. A little gesture or small act is worth much more than a grand, beautiful dream that never becomes a reality. It’s by taking action that we’ll change things for the better. (...) That’s what solidarity is all about.” - Abbé Pierre (Father Henri-Antoine Groues) founder of Emmaus.






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  • Association International Guitar Competition Maurizio Biasini
  • St. Jakobs-Strasse 34
  • CH-4052 Basel Switzerland
  • Email: biasinicompetition@gmail.com


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