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Luthier exhibition at the CRR de Paris Featured

For the first time, the cciMB Competition & Festival at the CRR de Paris on rue de Madrid 14 will host a luthier exhibition, from Friday 27 until Sunday 29 April. Four young talented luthiers have been invited to present their work: French luthiers Sylvain Balestrieri (Grenoble)  and Bertrand Ligier (Connaux)  and German luthiers Jost von Huene (Dresden) and Daniel Stark (Oldenburg). This will be a unique opportunity for the semifinalists, CRR students and festival attendees to admire and try out these beautiful, handmade instruments of fine quality.



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  • Association International Guitar Competition Maurizio Biasini
  • St. Jakobs-Strasse 34
  • CH-4052 Basel Switzerland
  • Email: biasinicompetition@gmail.com


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